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  • Fengye College Primary and Secondary School Mathematics Counseling / Contestant Admissions

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    Fengye College Primary and Secondary School Mathematics Counseling / Contestant Admissions

    Training objectives: To enhance the promotion of mathematical skills, to help the students develop their abilities and tap into their potential, for the students to participate in mathematical competitions and domestic and international exchange activities.

    Admission objective: primary school grade 3 to secondary grade 5.

    Teaching characteristics:

    Small classes with skillful, first-rate teachers.

    Coached by Quebec and national champions with the top players participating in competitions.

    The expert team includes:  Ph. D. educators, who majored in mathematics from Concordia University and McGill University, and first-rate teachers of Chinese high school mathematics, as well as experts of the National Mathematics Competition Research Institute and Mathematical Olympiad training teachers.

    This class gives students a strong mathematics foundation, improving logical thinking ability, allowing your child to form a solid mathematical background to carry them into the future.

    Primary school math class and mathematical competition classes start at grade 3. Grade 3 and grade 4 are one group. Grade 5 and grade 6 are one group.

     The math contest/tutorial classes are taught by teachers with many years of teaching experience. You can choose either French, English or Chinese instructors.

    Class time:

    For primary students- grade 3 and 4 classes are either Saturday or Sunday from 4pm to 6pm. For grade 5 and 6 students- classes are either Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

    For secondary students- (grade 1, 2 and 3) classes are each Saturday 4p.m.-7p.m. For secondary school students grade 4 and 5 and CEGEP (grade 1) classes are each Sunday 4p.m.-7p.m.

    Class location: Entrance Dollarama, go downstairs, Concordia University FG building

    Registration location: Head office, 1625 Maisonneuve West #301. Montreal, QC, H3H 2N4


     Information about Mathematics Contests 

    Fengye College has taken part in national middle school math contests for many years, for example; Opti-Math, Opti-Math-Plus; Thales
    ByronGermainFibonacciPythagorasEulerLagrangeNewton; Guass, Pascal, Cayley, FermatMathematica Centrum, and so on.

    For consultation and registration tel: 514-5615788, 514-9967628, 514-907-5073


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